About us

Aaina provides accessible services that cater for women and their children in Walsall that enables them to aspire and achieve through Education and Training, Support Services and Community Engagement

What is Aaina?

Aaina was established in 1997 by a group of local Asian women who were concerned that disadvantaged BAME women were excluded from accessing mainstream services in Walsall. It was their aim to develop a provision that provided women with easier access to life enhancing opportunities, pathways out of poverty and improved health and mental wellbeing.

Aaina provides for local women of all ages and backgrounds who live and work in Walsall.Our service users come from all walks of life and benefit from numerous up-skilling opportunities, support services and health and wellbeing  activities in a safe and multilingual environment.

Aaina Hub is a gender  and culturally sensitive service based in the St Mathews ward, the Hub provides a welcoming space for women of all ages and backgrounds. Staff provide a welcoming environment that recognises the diverse needs of women and work tirelessly to achieve the best outcome for service users.

Our Aim


 To encourage and support personal development, provide access to learning and enable women to participate actively and fully in the community and reduce hardship and vulnerability.


To facilitate social inclusion and inter-generational activities that reduce isolation alongside health and emotional wellbeing activities that address health inequalities.


Provide social welfare, money management and housing related information along with empowering and confidence building activities that lead to improved financial and personal independence.

Mission Statement

"Aaina will engage members to aspire and achieve, inspire and empower, by promoting inclusion and cohesion, and breaking down barriers to provide life enhancing opportunities for women and their families".

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