Team & Board Members

Aaina Staff

A'isha Khan
Chief Executive Officer

A'isha has been with Aaina since 2000 and has seen the organisation grow from a small Women's Group to a highly regarded and reputable provision that is focused on meeting the evolving needs of local women from disengaged communities. A'isha oversees the operational and strategic management for both Aaina and Iqra supplementary School, a registered charity that she founded in 2005 after identifying a lack of provision for children and young people in the locality. A'isha also has an interest in the Law and has been sitting as a Magistrate since 2007, she was subsequently appointed to Ordinary Member of the Charity Tribunal in 2008. 

Ashma Dihider
Project Officer

Ashma is a motivated individual with over 18 years of experience working in the voluntary sector and leads on the Intergenerational delivery. She supports individuals and groups to address isolation and social exclusion through an engaging programme which includes creative arts & crafts, healthy living, supporting volunteers, organising day trips and delivering the Tackling Money Worries project. Ashma also provides support to women who are living with domestic abuse who are not ready to leave. Ashma is fluent in Bangla / Sylheti and can converse quite easily in Urdu and Hindi.

Zaynab Hamza -  ESOL Tutor - delivering basic, advanced and intermediate classes at the Hub, along with conversational English, book club and creative writing to instil a passion for learning English in Women who are beginners.

Administration & Monitoring Worker - Vacant 

Apprenticeship - Reception and Social Media Worker - Vacant

Women's Online Workshop Facilitators - Vacant 

In Process of Recruitment contact info@aainahub for further information

Aaina Board Members/Trustees

Maureen Lewis  - Chair 

Nasreen Akhtar - Secretary

Mumtaz Begum - Treasurer Walsall Business Owner

Gazala Shaikh - Diabetes Educator NHS

Pamy Sandhu  - Co-opted - West Midlands Police

Insha Yasin - Retail Supermarket Supervisor 

Sylvia Dembedza - Walsall Resident

Ursula Walker - Board Member

Firdous Salim - Board Member

Sam Kousar - Board Member

Mrs Jaswinder Kaur Thandi
Service User Representative - Retired Post Mistress/Teacher

Iqra Staff

Zayra Sajid Project Officer 

 Sadia Yasar - Sessional Officer

Sessional Officer Positions - Vacant x 3 

Iqra Board Members/Trustees

Mumtaz Begum - Owner of Simplicity Laser & Skin Rejuvenation 

A'isha Khan                                                                                                                                                                                     Founder / Treasurer

Sam Kousar                                                                                                                                                                                Secretary - Primary Health Care 

Ferdous Salim - Primary Health Care

Insha Yasin - Supervisor - Retail

Tanveer Hanif - Board Member 

Amerah Asif - Board Member

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