Asima Hussain

Your journey
The experiences I gained volunteering and working at the department of work and pensions played a crucial role at the start of my career and the path I chose. My volunteering experience at Aaina sparked my interest in working with the local community, which I still do today. I left my office based job to work in the local community with Age UK Walsall, where I was given the support and opportunities I needed to grow and develop, both as a person and in my career.
Accomplishments that make you exceptionally proud
What makes me proud is to work in the community I grew up in, I feel proud to be part of services that have a positive impact and make a real difference to peoples lives.
What inspires and motivates you?
Making a difference is what motivates me. The organisations I have worked for have always made a difference to the lives of the local community. I have also had the privilege to work alongside, and be led by, inspiring women who have played a huge part in developing and delivering services for the community in Walsall. The inspirational leaders have led by example, and provided opportunities for others including me. The passion and belief I have in the services I am associated with is my biggest motivation.
The obstacles you have faced to get to where you are today.
Having no work experience after graduating was a huge hurdle for me to overcome but I used the experience I gained through volunteering as the base for my career. Since then I have been very lucky to have worked and met people throughout my employment who have given me opportunities and the support to progress and maximize on my potential.
What would you say to your younger self with the benefit of hindsight?
Follow the career path that makes you happy and gives you satisfaction and a sense of achievement, secondIy I would say never stop learning.
A quote or saying that you live by
“Every person you meet teaches you a lesson”
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