Tahmeena Mumtaz


Your journey

My starting point was quite a challenging one. I decided I wanted to work towards a career that gave me some form of satisfaction by helping others, I felt I could help and support others based on some of my own personal life experiences.

I am a lone parent to a young child and was aware that this would be a juggling act for me, I decided to go back to college to resume my studies and work part-time to support my family, alongside this I also wanted to find a suitable volunteer placement to help build up experience in an area of work that interested me hat I could specialize in, I was especially interested in a career where I would be supporting other people.

I contacted Aaina women’s Centre in 2001 to ask if I could come and volunteer one day a week supporting women with job search, teaching I.T skills, and gain skills in reception around customer care. I was keen to get involved in some of the work the Women’s center delivered.

I started my volunteering, and I had only been there for 2 sessions when a manager from Walsall College who was also based within the Aaina center encouraged me to apply for the Community Development role with Walsall College as she had observed me and felt I had the right personality and drive for the position, this made me smile as I explained I had never worked in this field before so I didn’t really see my self quite ready or capable. This was my stepping stone and my journey started.

Accomplishments that make you exceptionally proud

Helping others to achieve and believe in themselves.

I am proud of being part of Black Country Health Care NHS to develop initiatives that make our services more accessible to those who need them most. Overall it all adds up to “making a difference to people’s lives” for me. Every part of my journey has been a stepping stone not only for my personal development but also the impact my work has had on communities.

What inspires and motivates you?

The “difference” my work makes to people’s lives. My passion is my motivator, I have an inspirational Manager whose passion and drive to make a difference really inspires me.

I also follow Muniba Mazari who is a Pakistani female motivational speaker, hearing her journey inspires me to do better.

The obstacles you have faced to get to where you are today

Life comes with many obstacles, too many to name. It is about how you overcome them that enables you to reach your goals.

*What would you say to your younger self with the benefit of hindsight?

It is very important to invest in yourself from an early age in order to grow into an independent strong woman

A quote or saying that you live by

“Tomorrow is a new day!”

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