Madeleine Holland

M. Holland
Madeleine is currently in recovery from heart surgery at Newcross Hospital and was not able to participate in sharing her story and what has motivated and inspired her to dedicate her life to supporting and encouraging young people in Walsall for over the last 30 years.
Madeleine has held many positions of responsibility and trust within the Borough and has tirelessly supported local causes to raise funds for charities that have gone on to improve the lives of local people. Her contribution, dedication and enthusiasm to encourage and propel young people to reach their potential has changed the lives of many who have gone on to achieve in education, enterprise and employment.
Madeleine has been a stalwart supporter of charitable organisations and individuals who are dedicated to raising awareness about local issues that focus on highlighting inequality and disadvantage in the Borough. Her contribution has led to many community issues receiving the necessary exposure to make a real difference going forward in addressing community concerns.
We wish Madeleine a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing her in the very near future.
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